Here are a few comments I've received from individuals I've supported either commercially, or as a result of the free (and open source) plugins shown on other parts of this website:

"CVQO has been using the Checklist plugin for over 1 year. We have been able to develop and evolve this plugin to suit our needs. Excellent support was provided throughout by means of email. This support was provided by Davo. Davo was always quick to get back to me on any query I had, and when there was any delay in the answer it was only because he was researching a more full and thorough reply often with many options. A typical stereotype of a programmer is explaining ideas very technically, but Davo is different. As well as being a very good programmer, he has the rare ability to explain updates/errors/solutions clearly. An expert and a good teacher, thank you very much Davo."

"I have had the good fortune of working with Davo on a few Moodle plug-in customizations over the past several months. Each time, I had an idea of how I wanted something to work; what I wanted Moodle to do. Each time, Davo was able to turn my concept into a functioning module within a very short time. More importantly, he seems to “get what I mean”. I don’t have to explain it in computer language. He is very up front with what can be done and what could be done but isn’t a good idea. I trust his judgment. Working with Davo has allowed me to offer more support to my clients; even small businesses can afford to hire him to add functionality to their sites without destroying the integrity of the core installation. Knowing that I can turn to Davo for this support is a tremendous relief. I look forward to working with him for a long time to come."
Penny Mondani, Albany Analytical.

"Does it do what it promises? In a word, yes. This block/activity bring the completion tracking of Moodle 2.0 to life. The extra learning objectives or activities can be nicely used to track “real life” events such as research as reading a book, watching videos or practical tasks which are not grade-able necessarily. It can also be used for chalking off soft milestones within the course. I like it.!"